This time of year, I love to think about all of the possibilities to enhance my outdoor living space and landscape. In spring, as the grass and flowers pop back to life, it makes us all want to get outside and enjoy it as much as we can. With the advent of so many durable outdoor materials, your outdoor space can be a true extension of your living space. Here are some ideas that have caught my attention.

Many of us have a basic covered patio. Here, the space is transformed into a living, dining and kitchen space—perfect for entertaining.

This is a modern and innovative way to create shade on your deck or patio.

Your outdoor kitchen game can be elevated with a kamado grill and pizza oven.

Nothing is more inviting than a roaring fire set into your garden.

The living wall is all the rage, this one filled with herbs is also practical.

Consider swapping out your old outdoor furniture to a new modern look.

The addition of an island, which also serves as a dining table, is brilliant!

If you have a spot to create a hinged window opening, it is fantastic for entertaining.

If you have a home that is dark or dreary in color, try some fresh white paint to completely transform the look.

Make sure you have a beautiful place to unwind and relax outside!

Mixing and matching pots and plants creates a ton of visual interest on your patio.

The vegetable garden can often be attractive, but this is a beautiful concept for growing.

A knockout water feature can provide both a feeling of relaxation and the look of a beautiful sculpture.