Pinterest offers year end trend reports based on which search terms are skyrocketing. In 2023, “eclectic interior design vintage” jumped by 850%! The interior trend, sometimes referred to as eclectic granny style in online circles, makes perfect sense given the popularity of reusing items versus purchasing new—think vintage clothing, upcycled furniture, estate sale buys. Pulling these items together with modern elements and vintage antiques creates a very distinctive yet homey vibe that is all the rage. Look for layered patterns and color galore!


A wall of mixed art in various shapes and sizes is a common element of this trend. Check out estate sales for unique finds.


Look for stained glass to be reused in this new interior style.


The play with pattern in eclectic granny style also incorporates ceramic tile.


This is a more minimalist approach to eclectic granny style, yet it still combines vintage elements.


An artful mix of color, vintage elements and eclectic wallpaper exemplifies the trend.


For those of you that want a more traditional version of the style, try patterned wallpaper, heavy velvet curtains with curved valance and chinoiserie accents.


Crocheted quilts in this bedroom? Look for these to make a comeback!


Rugs and textiles are juxtaposed with one another in an artful and playful manner.


The style can be described as a controlled mess: layers of different patterns, art of all sizes, books strewn on bookshelves as if they have been there for years.


Recognize grandma’s kitchen table and chairs?


One thing we all remember from grandma’s house is the chachkies—or maybe it’s tchotchkes!


Buying vintage pieces is a key component of this new trend, and pulling them together artfully can be tricky.


Look for old school floral and heavily patterned wallpaper to appear more and more on the pages of interior magazines.