It is easy to underestimate the impact that well designed and executed carpentry can have on a home. Built-ins not only offer beauty and interest, but they also add function to spaces that are underutilized or inaccessible. Take a look at some of the latest ways designers and homeowners are amping up interiors with built-ins.

This standard closet was converted into a makeshift bunk room for extra guests.

This mid-century modern bookshelf and storage unit also doubles as the perfect see-through room divider.

Such a clever way to use that dead space under a staircase. Turn it into Fido’s private hideaway.

I love the trend of using glass and metal for doors in built-ins.

A very narrow space has been transformed into a bar area with custom arched wood doors.

This gorgeously designed storage unit takes center stage in this transitional kitchen.

This cabinet was designed to look like an antique in a newer kitchen.

The Murphy bed has been experiencing a rebirth! Beautiful millwork conceals what is stored behind.

Who doesn’t love a secret door that leads to hidden storage and doesn’t take up wall space?

This stunning bookshelf composed of natural wood and bistro style shelving is the perfect backdrop for a cozy lounge.

Think about converting an old bookshelf to a beautiful, well lit china cabinet.

This kitchen is elevated to the next level with this stunning, glass-fronted storage cabinet.

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