Real estate agent John Voirol enjoys the personal side of his career, helping clients understand the ins and outs of buying and selling homes. He uses the latest online communication tools, such as video and blogs, to connect owners and purchasers. Voirol realizes the importance of educating clients about every step of the process so they are informed and happy homeowners.

What is the most expensive home you’ve sold?
It was for $1.3 million in Ladue, just across the street from Old Warson Country Club. It was a stately Colonial on a lush corner lot with a swimming pool and was my client’s dream home!

What has been your most memorable experience in real estate?
The unexpected can and does happen, like having the refrigerator and stove stolen from the home just days before closing. This happened to my client on a new build. Of course, the builder replaced the appliances, and we were able to negotiate repair of the hardwood floors. And they installed a security system at no charge, so there was a silver lining!

What areas do you see attracting new families the most?
I’ve helped many young families settle in Clayton, Ladue and Richmond Heights but am seeing more of them seriously exploring the excellent magnet and lottery school options in the city. They want to be in walkable neighborhoods like Tower Grove, Shaw and the Central West End.

What areas are up and coming?
Tower Grove South has been the hot ticket for quite a while, but with prices and taxes getting higher, Fox Park also seems to be on the short list for the next up and coming neighborhood. Homes can be had there for an incredible value when compared to the rest of St. Louis City, and rehabbers seem to be paying more attention to the area.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome in real estate?
In 2017, sellers I represented captured an average of 98 percent of original list price while buyers saved a combined total of more than $200,000 off list price. Becoming highly skilled at pricing a home was the most challenging thing to learn. I completed a course called Pricing Strategy Analyst offered by the St. Louis Realtor Association that taught me how to think like an appraiser, which helps me set my clients up for success.