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Simple Steps to Organize Any Room

It’s a new year, and nothing feels better than a refresh. As you clean out your home and make space for what 2021 has in store, we’ve put together a few ideas on how to keep organized, elevated and intentional.

the entryway
Make a positive first impression with an entryway that’s neat and tidy. A warm welcome can be more fun than simply keeping your muddy boots off to the side.

  1. Pop a basket under the console table. A basket under or to the side of your welcome console table or chest adds an instant pop of warmth and is perfect for tossing shoes, blankets, greenery and more.
  2. Try a tray. Add a tray to drop your wallet, keys and more—a perfect trick to never lose them!
  3. Install hanging storage. Hang hooks on your wall for easy purse, coat and umbrella storage.  

the kitchen
The heart of the home is notorious for getting messy quickly. As soon as it’s clean, it’s somehow covered in dirty dishes, dish towels, and odds and ends again. We’ve gathered a few ideas to keep your kitchen spick and span.

  1. Artfully layer. Take a few key pieces, like a charcuterie board, piece of art and bowl, and layer them in threes. You can repeat this layering pattern across your kitchen to create beautiful displays.
  2. Embrace glass containers. Let your meal necessities do the talking. Store your noodles, beans and grains in clear canisters or containers, and let their natural textures shine through. This is a great way to showcase everyday beauty.
  3. Take advantage of trays & trivets. Rather than everything being scattered across the countertops, group it all together on a tray of your choice.

the living room
Stay cozy, not cluttered. Utilizing baskets, boxes and trays can make a living room feel more organized and more elevated in one fell swoop.

  1. Utilize decorative bowls. Things should be both pretty and functional, because why not? Fill bowls with the pretty knickknacks that need a home.
  2. Store throws in baskets. So easy, so functional and so pretty! Throws and baskets were made for each other.
  3. Stack ’em. Instead of just having one coffee table book, try stacking them in piles of three to five. Books take up so much storage space, but when you display them, they make a subtle statement and are more likely to be read. 

the bedroom
Your oasis shouldn’t feel stressful! Your environment truly impacts your mentality, and toppling stacks of mess can make an otherwise calm mind feel cluttered and uneasy.

  1. Replace a hamper with baskets. Laundry hampers are a necessary evil and usually aren’t attractive. Solve the issue by grabbing two or three baskets and sort your dirty laundry by color.
  2. Box it up. Boxes are your friends. Store small odds and ends in a box under your bedside console, or line your closet with matching boxes for longer-term storage or larger items. You could even layer your nightstand on top of a bigger box or two thinner ones to sneak some extra storage in.
  3. Add a chest. If boxes just aren’t doing the trick, swap your bedside table with a small chest with plenty of drawer space.

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