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Skin Sense: Nouveau MedSpa

Keeping skin fresh and radiant may seem like a daunting challenge as we age, but that goal is never out of reach, says Carol Anderson, RN, CANS, owner of Nouveau MedSpa in Kirkwood. She says focusing on the health of your skin—and your entire body—is the key to ensuring it stays beautiful.

“When you come for a consultation, we consider your lifestyle, age, diet, exercise, sleep habits and more to get a sense of your overall health,” Anderson says. “Then we talk about your views on skin care. We ask how you would like your skin to look, and whether you have any important events coming up. All of those factors help determine a realistic care regimen and timeline.”

Anderson says that while we can’t control many aspects of aging, like gradual facial bone loss, there are treatments that can enhance skin’s volume and the tissue below it. “People often lose bone around the cheeks and orbits of the eye,” she notes. “Even small losses can change the look of the face. Skin is like a piece of clothing for the skull; when bone decreases, the skin doesn’t fit as well because there is less of a frame for it to hold onto.” Although treatments can’t replace lost bone, it is possible to mimic the patient’s earlier bone structure, Anderson says.

Fat under the skin also decreases with age, and when combined with bone loss, the results can be sagging skin and hollowness. “People often come in thinking, ‘I’ll just have my skin treated,’ but it’s important not to think that superficially,” Anderson notes. “We also need to figure out why the skin is changing, pay attention to bone health, and preserve the deep fat pads under the skin.”

Treatments to rejuvenate the skin include chemical peels to remove dead cells, Infini fractionated radiofrequency for tightening and lifting, and Forever Young BBL (broadband light) for pigmentation problems. “Forever Young also ‘turns back time’ at the cellular level so the tissue is fuller and more youthful,” Anderson explains. Microneedling and platelet-rich plasma treatments can correct imperfections and loss of volume, and some techniques can be used together to provide deep rejuvenation. Anderson also relies on topical products like Vitamin C to combat enzymes that break down existing collagen and prevent it from forming. Collagen is a protein made by cells to provide structure and strength for the body’s tissues.

Nouveau’s ‘wet room’ treatments include salt glow therapy and other techniques that boost skin’s health and appearance. “We use high-grade products like Himalayan pink salt and essential oils,” Anderson says. “The salt glow is like a scrub and massage in one. The salt removes dead cells and provides more than 80 minerals absorbed by the skin. There are numerous benefits in addition to silky smoothness—it’s good for your circulatory, respiratory and neurological function, too.”

Exciting things are happening at Nouveau this year, and they’re all for the benefit of clients, Anderson says. “It’s our second anniversary, so we are planning a celebration this spring,” she notes. “A new medical director and new esthetician recently joined our staff, and we are adding new therapies and essential oils for the face and body. We enjoy providing clients with the best care to keep their skin healthy and beautiful.”

Nouveau MedSpa in Kirkwood is dedicated to providing high-quality skin care with a focus on overall health. Pictured on the cover: the spa’s welcoming lobby. For more information about services and anniversary activities, call 314.394.3314 or visit

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Pictured above: Owner Carol Anderson works with a client.