For many St. Louisans, the bustling real estate market has meant the opportunity to find their dream homes. These spaces come with the chance to put your mark on every room and implement designs that are perfect for how you want to live. That’s what one University City resident found when she made the move from an apartment complex to a single family home.

What do you like about living in University City?
It’s an interesting place to be because there are a lot of diverse people. My neighbors have been very kind and helpful. It’s comforting.

What initially attracted you to the property?
I actually moved in last year near the start of the pandemic. I originally was in an apartment complex, but I didn’t feel comfortable. I noticed a lot of “for sale” signs and decided to look into houses. This was actually one of the first I saw online, and I got really lucky with the timing. Interest rates were low, but it was before the market went crazy with everyone buying and selling. I really love this house. It has a lot of character.

Did you make any major renovations?
The house was built in 1932, but it has really good bones to work with. There really wasn’t anything wrong with it when I moved in. I updated some of the plumbing and put in new lighting, but the majority of the changes were design.

How did the age of the home affect your design?
The home’s woodwork is really beautiful. I wanted to use colors and pieces that heightened its characteristics. This house also changed the way I approach choosing furniture and decor. In the past, I approached living spaces by essentially walking into a store and buying whatever was on display. That works, but there are so many other options. I worked with Griesedieck Design, and the process introduced me to a lot of different avenues like antique stores and local artisans.

How was working with an interior designer?
It helped significantly, and overall, the project was really fun. It was great having someone along every step of the way, and it really helped me feel more in touch with the creative process. The space feels a lot more like a home.

The doorways are quite striking. 
The design was framed around the doorways. I wanted to be able to look into each room and see details like my gallery wall or the antique books on the bookcases. Putting it all together was a labor of love.

Describe your style.
Something old, something new. It’s hard to pinpoint just one style. Each room has its own thing going on. My office is more boxy and regimented because I prefer that for a work environment. The living room has brighter colors that help put me at ease. Through this process, I’ve learned that all the layers of my personality can come into play with design. It makes my house feel like a home, not just a space I’m occupying. I think rather than focusing on a single style, we should create spaces we love and want to be in.

Do you have a favorite room?
I love my living room. The beautiful oak of the archway and the woodwork are the focal points. The very first thing I wanted to buy was a green velvet couch to complement the wood tones. It was my starting point, and now, it’s my favorite thing. I love sitting in the living room; it makes me want to have people over.