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Special Agents: RedKey Realty Leaders

During weekly sales meetings, team members at RedKey Realty Leaders take a moment to show each other appreciation. CEO and owner Jill Butler refers to the outpouring of love and gratitude as ‘filling buckets.’ “It’s a way to recognize colleagues who have helped us,” agent Sarah Bernard explains. “Taking time to verbalize our gratitude is good for everyone, and it really reflects our unique culture. I love it.” Since its founding in 2012, RedKey has been building that culture around a mission of service, love and fun.

RedKey is dedicated to serving its employees and the local community. The Key Leadership Team (KLT), an agent advisory board, was formed to help achieve that. Bernard and fellow agent Lauren Daugherty are current members. “It is a group of top sellers who serve two-year terms,” Daugherty explains. “We assist and guide the office with making decisions.” The board is divided into subcommittees that cover areas such as training, technology, social events and community service projects. “We meet throughout the year to discuss what’s working in the office, how we can improve and what we can do to serve the community,” she says.

The agency’s community involvement includes everything from raising money for a young man with leukemia to the Love and Service Limo program, which takes local heroes nominated by RedKey staff out on the town in the company limo. According to Daugherty, the KLT recently implemented a new program that allows staff to use the limo to perform random acts of kindness. Bernard adds that RedKey is doing an event with Habitat for Humanity in October, and notes that agents are involved in the community outside work as well. “The staff supports community organizations, churches and other causes we’re passionate about,” she says. “We talk, share and attend each other’s events. It’s all very welcome here.”

This investment in the community has numerous benefits for the real estate company. Bernard encourages her clients to participate in its recycling initiative, explaining that her involvement helps clients see she’s concerned with more than just the bottom line. “Serving our community shows that we have more in mind than just making money,” Bernard says. “We want to make our community better.” Daugherty adds, “Everyone who works at RedKey loves St. Louis. We all want to get involved and enjoy this great city.”

The KLT also works to serve fellow RedKey employees, which is not something you find everywhere, Bernard notes. “Real estate can be isolating,” she explains. “But RedKey gives us an opportunity to really bond with colleagues.” From ‘filling buckets’ to training and classes, the company fosters an environment of support and appreciation. Daugherty sees it as a logical extension of the company’s community service. “The common denominator is that people are doing positive things for others,” she says. “For me, that really defines what RedKey is all about.”

Founded in 2012, RedKey Realty Leaders is a group of experienced, passionate real estate professionals. The company is dedicated to serving its agents and the community. Pictured on the cover: members of the Key leadership team, front row: Sarah Bernard, Nancy Riehl, Kelly Schnicker, Renee Schultz. Middle row: Mary Massey, Bruce Butler. Back Row: Jill Butler, Michael Abney, Lauren Daugherty. Not pictured: Mike Simon, Sandra Mesker. For more information, call 314.692.7200 or visit

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