Everyone Deserves Better

Health care in the United States has changed. Many people have experienced a health concern. However, when they call their primary care physician, they are told there are no available appointments for weeks or months. When the scheduled time arrives, the patient is rushed through the visit with the physician in less than 15 minutes. Upon leaving, they feel their concerns were not heard. Moreover, sometimes they fear that something was missed. The average time a patient spends with their physician per visit is seven minutes, which is just not enough.

Many studies directly link increased time with your doctor to improved care and overall better health outcomes. If you think about it, this makes sense. Physicians who are not rushing to see the next patient can develop more in-depth relationships, provide more comprehensive assessments, prescribe treatment and discuss prevention. This is what drove Dr. Amy Roberts to look for a better way to take care of her patients.

Dr. Roberts is a board-certified family medicine physician in Town and Country, who practices the direct primary care concierge model. She is dedicated to establishing and emphasizing the
relationship between a patient and a provider while elevating the standard of care delivered. She is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine and completed her residency at Saint Vincent Hospital. She has been practicing medicine for more than 17 years and is dedicated to lifelong learning in all forms.

The direct primary care concierge model helps address the need for more affordable, and increased accessibility to, quality health care. It is the best of both worlds, where Dr. Roberts still works with insurance companies for labs, imaging, specialty referrals and anything else needed, but she doesn’t receive any reimbursement from them. The concierge practice charges patients a flat fee. The membership fee allows physicians to set strict patient caps and spend more time with each person. There are no copays or additional fees at any of the visits— so no surprise bills!

Patients are seen whenever they need to be seen. Dr. Roberts gives all of her patients her cell number so they can reach her in times of need. This model provides for increased access and appointments that will leave patients feeling heard and understood. This also allows a better quality of care so patients no longer feel the frustration and fears inherent in today’s typical medical practice.

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