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Spotlight: TOPRO

When Creve Coeur resident and retired safe patient handling executive Charley Wallace sold his company, he decided to bring high quality rollators and upright walkers to the United States. He partnered with TOPRO Mobility Products of Norway to create TOPRO USA.

“It became clear to me that the majority of rollators and upright walkers were poorly made, uncomfortable to use and could lead to further injuries,” Wallace says. “Yes, there are Chinese-imported options at the big box stores or medical supply stores, but the modern European design is so much more advanced. The TOPRO line of rollators and walkers can help people with mobility challenges continue to confidently enjoy an active lifestyle.”

TOPRO’s expertly designed rollators and upright walkers are devised to reduce the risk of falling and to help avoid fatigue. The company stands behind each product with an industry leading seven-year warranty. “A rollator you find at the drugstore is designed for short term use,” Wallace says. “They have small wheels and thin frames and can help someone who needs a temporary solution. However, we see time and time again that people get hurt because they aren’t adjustable, and the wheels cannot easily cross thresholds or be used outdoors. TOPRO’s products have adjustable settings, shock absorbing wheels, ergonomic handles and a sturdy design to encourage everyday use.”

TOPRO USA is a partnership between the Wallace family, Captiva Marketing, and Conversource. The products can be ordered by home users online atwww.TOPROUSA.com or over the phone at 1.833.353.2052. Purchase orders are also accepted for wholesale or health care orders.


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