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Spotlight: Jet Linx

the ultimate private jet service experience 

Fying on commercial airlines has become tedious at best, and extremely stressful more often than not. The Jet Card private membership program from Jet Linx offers an alternative, personalized approach to private jet travel with the industry’s lowest entry price point to membership and access to more places across the country and around the world.

With a local Base of operations and a wellappointed private hangar at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Jet Linx handles every aspect of the customer experience, from scheduling flights with a local client service representative to embarking from the private terminal on locally based planes with trusted, local pilots, saving both time and hassle.

This can be of particular benefit to company owners and executives who travel frequently for business. Jet Linx provides nonstop service wherever business travelers need to go, including multiple stops in one day. “If you own a business and need to fly from St. Louis to Indianapolis to Nashville and be back home by dinner, our services allow for the simplicity of a multiple-stop day. And you’ll be able to get whatever work done you need to en route in the privacy of a private, secure and confidential cabin,” says Rich Ropp, Jet Linx St. Louis Base President.

With access to 5,000 different airports, Jet Linx ultimately gets clients closest to their destination, often within a couple of miles, which saves time on ground transportation once they arrive. From takeoff to landing, Jet Linx optimizes the logistics of business travel. “Time is money, so there is real value to accomplishing as much as you can every day,” Ropp says. The increased time savings and added security often justify the cost of private jet travel, even if for just three or four key trips per year. With guaranteed jet availability in all sizes, executives easily can take multiple colleagues or clients with them and hold pre-briefs or debriefs on the plane in total confidentiality, an added bonus when working on a big deal or acquisition.

The private hanger eliminates security and parking hassles and the need for advanced check-in times. Executives simply can show up five or 10 minutes before their departure time and walk on the plane. There’s even a private boardroom at the hanger for a quick meeting before boarding if needed. “Executives like to have control over every aspect of their life, and when you fly on commercial airlines, you relinquish all control,” Ropp says. “With Jet Linx, you have more control over the experience, from aircraft size and departure times to what snacks or beverages are on board.” Each experience is fully customized to the client’s needs and desires, and all of Jet Linx’s private jets are equipped with the highest quality leather seats and finishes for ultimate comfort. Upon return, Jet Linx even prepares passenger vehicles, so that when clients arrive, their car is clean, heated or cooled, and ready to go.

With the Jet Card membership program, a one-time, low entry fee provides access to all of the program’s benefits, allowing clients to use an airplane by the hour for one-way or roundtrip travel with guaranteed hourly rates and the industry’s highest safety standards. In addition to membership, Jet Linx offers full aircraft management services to private jet owners, providing turnkey management and transparency, as well as aircraft acquisition oversight. Whether a client is traveling for business, pleasure or both, Jet Linx provides an efficient, cost effective and comfortable custom flight experience.

In March, Jet Linx achieved a monumental milestone in private aviation, having flown 100 million miles. This landmark comes as Jet Linx celebrates its 20th anniversary and the fifth anniversary of Jet Linx St. Louis. The company anticipates yet another year of record growth overall and is excited to announce an upcoming expansion to serve a second location in Chesterfield.

10897 lambert international blvd. | 314.862.3222 | jetlinxstlouis.com

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