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Spotlight: Jet Linx

As people begin to ease back into air travel, personal safety is top of mind. Now, more than ever, private aviation is a great option for both personal and business travel. Jet Linx Aviation, a locally focused private jet company, has always prioritized safety, earning the three highest levels of safety ratings in the industry.

Now, Jet Linx is adapting to the needs of its client base amid the COVID-19 pandemic by providing a more sanitary environment that gives clients peace of mind to begin traveling again.

By using member-only private aviation terminals with smaller staffs and bypassing long security lines, Jet Linx achieves greater social distancing than commercial carriers. “We took a look at every one of the touchpoints where we need to interact with customers, and we asked ourselves, ‘Is this necessary?’” says Tom Buffington, Jet Linx St. Louis Base president.

One of the changes the company made is allowing more customers to go directly to the aircraft from their cars, bypassing the terminal altogether. “If they need to come in, we’ve invested in products to make sure the environment is clean,” Buffington says. “Everyone on our staff is wearing Jet Linx-provided masks and practicing social distancing.”

Jet Linx is the first and only operator in the worldwide aviation industry to utilize the new BIOPROTECTUs™ System, which encompasses an array of EPA-registered and FDA-compliant technologies that disinfect and provide long-term antimicrobial protection. Two Centers of Excellence of the Global Virus Network proved the system’s antimicrobial formulation kills and provides residual surface protection against SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19) for longer than six weeks.

In addition, Jet Linx has installed BIOPROTECT™ Hand Purifier dispensers in each of its 19 private, clientonly base terminals and now offers BIOPROTECT™ Hand Purifier on its fleet of jet aircraft. Jet Linx fully disinfects each plane between flights and can even make adjustments that ensure the ability to social distance in the air.

“For example, if you booked a smaller plane, but you have a few more people than anticipated, we may just complementarily upgrade you to a larger aircraft to be better able to maintain social distance,” says Buffington.

With all of these added safety measures, Jet Linx still maintains the highest level of personalized service, catering to its clients’ specific needs and learning their likes and dislikes for a truly customized flight experience.

“Our goal is that you never have to ask—we have everything there for you, whether it’s your favorite candy or the kind of nuts you like waiting at your seat,” Buffington says.

For those new to private air travel, Jet Linx recently launched its new Affiliate Jet Card Membership, a 90-day private jet travel solution that provides guaranteed availability, guaranteed hourly rates and a guaranteed highest standard of safety. This short term jet card is a great option for those in need of an alternative flight solution for necessary travel during this uncertain time.

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