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Stop the Clock: Pur-One Medispa

Summer will be here soon, and with longer, sunnier days returning, many St. Louisans want a fresh, healthy appearance to start the season. Jackie Carr, R.N., ANP-BC, LE, owner of Pur-One Medispa, says now is a good time to consider treatments that can improve the appearance of your skin and help reverse signs of aging.

“The FDA recently issued approval for SkinPen microneedling treatments of the neck,” she says. “Until now, the device had been used for facial scarring caused by conditions like acne. Now, it can help reduce neck wrinkles, which are worsened by constantly looking down at our electronic devices.” Carr says recent studies showed that 94% of patients saw improvement in neck lines after receiving the treatment, which creates tiny channels in the skin to stimulate a healing response that rejuvenates texture and appearance.

Carr says injectable fillers like Sculptra and Radiesse also can help improve the look of skin. “They stimulate the body’s collagen production to fill in and reduce facial lines,” she says. “The injectables also can be combined with hyaluronic acid to produce maximum effects. Patients usually see full results in 6 to 8 weeks after treatment.” And for those with problem cellulite in areas like the glutes, the injectable fillers can help restore tissue fullness, Carr says.

She says new over-the-counter products can improve skin’s vitality as well. “Skinceuticals has a new topical Vitamin C serum called Silymarin CF that is helpful for acne-prone skin,” she explains. “It contains antioxidants to slow down the aging process and salicylic acid to treat the acne. We are seeing very good results with it. You simply cleanse and tone your skin in the morning, then apply Silymarin CF before using other products.”

For those who need help correcting thin, damaged or misshapen eyebrows, Carr’s daughter, Courtney, offers microblading services at the medical spa through her practice, ChristineBrows. Microblading uses a delicate, semipermanent tattooing process to restore the look of fuller eyebrows. “Courtney has added new pigments that work well for blondes and redheads,” Carr says. “Their brows can be a little more difficult to match, but these pigments are producing great results.”

The medical spa also offers techniques like Coolsculpting for reduction of stubborn body fat deposits, Botox injections to reduce the look of wrinkles, and microdermabrasion and hydrafacials to exfoliate and keep pores clear. “At this time of year, many people are thinking about looking better in shorts and bathing suits,” Carr says. “We have a number of ways to help return the body and skin to a more youthful appearance.”

Carr emphasizes that consistent exercise, healthy diet, good hydration and proper sun protection should be at the heart of every skin and body care plan. “May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, but it’s important to practice these habits year-round,” she notes. “Consider seeing a dermatologist for an overall skin check, and wear high-quality sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide all year long. You are exposed to UV radiation more often than you think, so it’s important to be prepared.”

Pur-One Medispa in Des Peres offers a full range of skin and body care services to help restore youthfulness and vitality. Pictured on the cover: Jackie Carr and Courtney Carr. For more information, call 314.909.0633 or visit

Pictured at top: Courtney Carr and Jackie Carr
Photo courtesy of Pur-One Medispa


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