Crestview Middle School seventh-grader Devin Tockman might be young, but he already knows his dream job: to be a professional hockey player. The 12-year-old plays for the Chesterfield Hockey Association’s Falcons and manages to get time on the ice throughout the year to improve his skills and learn the game he loves so much.

How long have you been playing hockey?
Since I was 7. My dad taught me how to skate when I was younger, and I took some skating lessons.

Did your dad get you interested in the sport?
Yes. He played hockey in college and has been my coach since I started.

What is your season like for the Falcons?
It runs fall through spring; we play about 60 games in eight months and practice two to three times a week. We play some games here, but we also travel five to six times a year. We just got back from Nashville, where we won second in the championship game. I keep playing in the summer just for fun.

What is your favorite aspect of the sport?
I like to pass the puck around and like helping my teammates score goals. I play with kids from all over St. Louis, so it’s fun meeting new friends through hockey.

Do you have a championship at the end of the year?
Every year we play against other teams in our league in the State tournament. Last year, we made it to the final game and lost 6-3. But we still won our league, which is based on a team’s total number of points throughout the season. Do you play any other sports? Baseball, golf and tennis.