Time for Some Updates

Dear Homework,
We’d love some help with our unimaginative front yard and our cracked and crumbling patio. I grew up in this Clayton house and now live here with my husband and three boys. It has not had any attention of note since my parents bought it in 1979. Thanks for your consideration.

Time for Some Updates

Dear Time For Some Updates,

Your house features a strong Tudor façade with many interesting details, but some fresh paint and more architectural landscaping would help bring out its essence.

Let’s start with the crumbling patio, which I assume you use since it has chairs on it. If you replace it, I would plant a low yew or boxwood hedge at the edge to give it some privacy and to give the façade an additional layer. I would plant tall, pyramidal evergreens at the corners for vertical account, since the home’s elevation is so tall.

You also will notice that the patio now features taller urns with bolder, bigger plant selections, as well as much larger coach lights that are more appropriate with the size of the house.

On the two side wings, I have cut back or removed the existing landscaping to reveal the windows. New hedges, kept low to show off the handsome stone foundation, are underplanted with hot pink impatiens to add lighthearted charm to the rather serious composition.

Finally, I have painted all the white wood a slate green color, which I think makes it more mellow and isn’t so harsh against the orange, mottled brick.

I think these changes give your family home a new lease on life. Hope you think so too.

Thanks for asking,

Homework is penned by Paul Doerner, founding partner of The Lawrence Group. If you would like your home critiqued, contact us at homework@townandstyle.com.