It’s October, and that means it’s time to get a little spooky. Whether you’re having a not-so-scary celebration with the kids or planning to haunt your halls with an adults-only party, decor is key for setting the perfect mood.

branching out
Looking for an easy DIY decoration? Painted black branches are your solution, especially for a more minimalist look. Kept completely on their own, they offer an eerie ambience that is perfect for Halloween. If you are someone who likes to go big with holiday decor, they are easy to build into a more complicated tableau.

boo-zy fun
Halloween isn’t just for kids. If you’re hosting a party for grown-ups, there’s a good chance you’ll be breaking out the bar cart—whether you’re serving up creepy cocktails or offering spooky sweets. From kitschy to elegant, there are endless options when picking your decor. This styled cart balances some tongue-and-cheek spooky touches with classic styling, making it a great piece of party decor that is still fully functional.

creepy clutter
The perfect aesthetic for Halloween doesn’t have to mean draping everything in fake cobwebs and plastic skeletons. It can be as simple as switching out the clutter objects on your shelves for some creepier counterparts, such as Tarot cards, black birds, candles and, OK yes, some skeletons.

a dinner to die for
No bones about it—a great tablescape is a must for any adult Halloween party. This place setting manages to create a sophisticated yet spooky atmosphere. And most impressively, it does so without using any black or orange, proving that you can get creative when it comes to color in your holiday decor. It’s almost scary how good white and gold look together.

painted pumpkins
You can’t get away from pumpkins in the fall, but this year, you can put down the carving knife. Instead of sticking with classic jack-o-lanterns, opt instead to paint designs on your decorative gourds. It’s great for children who aren’t old enough to wield the tools necessary for carving, and it allows for endless options. For the kiddos, paint simple patterns, funny faces or cute animals. If you’re looking for more adult decor, you can go for more detailed and elegant designs. Your only limit is your own imagination.

a witchy welcome
If you live in an area that gets trick-or-treaters, decorating your front door should be a Halloween priority. After all, it’s going to be a high traffic area on the big night. The floating witch hats in this design add the perfect touch of whimsy that doesn’t go overboard. The simple decorations still compliment the original style of the home. It’s a great solution if you want to welcome and delight children—without turning your home into a full-blown haunted house.