In this issue, I share some simple but impactful elements you can add to your home to improve your home’s curb appeal. As Paul Doerner, the genius behind our Homework column, has shown us time and time again, sometimes just adding a small amount of “jewelry” to your home can make a huge difference overall.

If your front facade lacks dimension, add a unique overhang to the front door.

If you have the place for it, a simple pair of gates can create a regal feel.

Many homes have an overhang or flat roof top that could be vastly improved with a decorative rail.

This is one of my favorite ways to add instant curb appeal to a bland exterior wall.

If you have dormers, try a cedar shake finish versus standard siding to add interest.

An easy way to change things up is to pick a new color scheme for your exterior doors and trim. Get creative!

If you have a front porch, decorate it! Add rugs and drapes to make it an extension of your home.

Adding this contemporary wood fence and bold modern house numbers gives this otherwise ho-hum house a wow factor.

Adding gas lights to your front elevation creates a warm welcoming glow like nothing else.

This simple well landscaped fence provides a beautiful boundary to this home.

Nothing is more dramatic than up-lighting your trees along the drive and in front of your home.

Make sure to accentuate the grand features of your home by adding up-lights to your exterior lighting plans.