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Trend Report from L.A.: 11.6.19

knit wit
Knit sets are having a moment. The perfect marriage of comfort and style, they are becoming the outfit du jour here in La La Land. Lounge around the house or wear them on your next date night. Sets designed by the likes of LPA and Who What Wear are anything but frumpy and easily transition from day to night.

cannabis cafe
The nation’s first cannabis restaurant, Lowell Cafe, has taken Los Angeles (and the media) by storm. Lowell is the first cannabis company to open a consumption lounge and restaurant all under the same roof. Pairing food with cannabis strains rather than alcohol, Lowell is destigmatizing cannabis one patron and news story at a time. Not to mention, the interior of the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous—think L.A. rooftop scene meets rustic chic in this revolutionary restaurant’s indoor/outdoor design.

tropical halloween
Succulents are native to L.A., so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that planters of unlikely pairings, succulents and pumpkins, are all the rage this season. It’s a fun alternative to the traditional jack-o’-lantern and will last well into fall. I particularly love the look of a white pumpkin with cascading succulents flowing down the side. They’re easy to make at home and add unexpected punch to your seasonal decor.

up, up and away
For as much traveling as I’ve done, I really never gave much thought to my luggage or how it looked and performed—until my most recent pieces began to fall apart. I decided it was time to make an investment. As a millennial, I turned to Instagram for research and discovered Away, a modern luggage retailer that offers the luxury of a lifetime warranty without the luxury price tag. After purchasing my own Away luggage at its L.A. brick and mortar, it wasn’t long before I started noticing the brand’s flagship hardshell luggage rolling around airports across the country. Not only are Away products aesthetically pleasing, but their seemingly indestructible exterior makes me feel like James Bond.

a hollywood ‘gym’
Before Equinox and ‘celebrity’ gyms dominated L.A., working out focused on fitness rather than fame. Enter Easton Gym in West Hollywood. Established in 1937, it has remained a low-key gym that prides itself on its unassuming, friendly vibe. The retro, brick-lined space with original hardwood floors is a far cry from today’s sterile, almost intimidating gyms. The equipment is state of the art while the vintage walls offer a sense of humility and history—which is hard to come by in L.A. Still, there are rumors of celebrity members who frequent the gym. It is West Hollywood, after all.