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Trend Report from L.A.: 12.19.18

move over, meat 
The Impossible Burger: It looks, smells and tastes like meat, but it’s not. A Stanford University professor designed a way to make meat and cheese substitutes from plants and founded Impossible Foods in 2011. The company has been changing the way we think about meat ever since. Its products are an eco-friendly, animal-friendly and taste bud-friendly alternative to animalderived food, but you wouldn’t know it at first bite. Crossroads Kitchen in West Hollywood has been serving up the Impossible Burger for a few years and is one of the city’s most popular restaurants to carry it. Next time you find yourself in L.A. and are craving a burger, be sure to check out Crossroads for a meal that’s good to you and the planet.

hotel away from home 
A self-proclaimed West Hollywood hideaway, La Peer Hotel is the perfect getaway spot for locals and tourists alike. The hotel’s interior and exterior are stunning yet inviting; think Restoration Hardware meets California design sensibility. So whether you’re in the neighborhood and want to grab a quick drink in the hotel living room or you are looking for a walkable, quintessential California hotel, La Peer should check every box on your list.

totally turband 
If Cult Gaia’s Turband doesn’t scream ‘L.A. cool,’ then I don’t know what does. The Los Angeles-based ‘It’ brand is most famous for its Ark Bag, but the Turband is an accessory just as striking and a little friendlier on the wallet. Teaming up with Brazilian artist Lane Marinho, the makers have created a linen Turband that is made from a one-of-a-kind print and includes an adjustable wire for ease of use. More than a basic headband, Cult Gaia’s Turband is as fashion-forward as it is fun to wear.

the new short shorts 
Who says bike shorts can’t be stylish? I credit L.A. native Kim Kardashian with bringing this trend to life. From neon colors to solid black, the shorts are no longer reserved for ‘80s-style exercise classes. Whether you pair them with a sweatshirt and tennis shoes or matching Spandex top and heels, biker shorts are an unexpected garment that transitions easily from day to night.

spring into action 
A membership club catering to creatives, Spring Places found a second home in L.A. after its New York flagship opened in 2016. Members have access to services including private dining, athletic facilities, residence rooms, studio space for content creation, screening rooms and more. Rumor has it that Leonardo DiCaprio has backed the exclusive club, giving it a dose of Hollywood glamour.