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Trend Report from L.A.: 12.4.19

a workout for your face
Angelenos like to work out their bodies from head to toe—literally. Facial spa Skin Camp rethinks facials with its ‘active’ and effective skin treatments. What exactly is an ‘active’ skin treatment? Like all facials, Skin Camp treatments refresh and rejuvenate while tools like jade rollers and oxygen therapy contour, shape and work out the skin to give clients the best possible results without breaking a sweat.

shopping under the influence
Only in L.A. can you be watching your favorite influencer’s Instagram story and find yourself shopping her closet in real life hours later. Influencers are gifted clothes and accessories regularly, and rather than discard unused or gently worn items, they increasingly are hosting pop-ups at rented homes (safety first) and inviting the public to shop their closets at significantly discounted prices. Eco-friendly? Yes. The future of L.A. thrifting? Most likely.

daily ritual
Multivitamins are part of most women’s daily routine. But what about making it a ritual? A new women’s multivitamin geared toward millennials, Ritual looks like anything but your average drugstore vitamin. Packed with nine essential nutrients like iron, B12 and magnesium, the brand focuses on more than nails, skin and hair health. Targeted for antiaging and to improve and maintain immunity and blood and organ health, Ritual is a researched and reinvented multivitamin changing the way we think about daily health.

cyber style
Millennials officially have lived long enough to see trends of our youth come completely full circle. Cyber girl style of the late ’90s and early aughts has made its way back onto the fashion main stage, and I have to say, it looks pretty surreal. From neon and Mugatu-inspired sunglasses to micro-mini skirts and feathers, it looks like L.A. will head into the next decade ready to rave.

hidden gem
Tucked away on the outskirts of Korea Town is one of L.A.’s best but most unassuming art galleries I’ve had the pleasure of discovering. The modern Maurice and Paul Marciano Art Foundation houses exhibits by famed artists like Yayoi Kusama, Charles Ray and Sterling Ruby in a former Masonic temple. The artwork is a must-see, and unlike most things in L.A., it’s free (parking, too!) and never crowded.