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Trend Report from L.A.

calming crystals
I’ll always be a Midwesterner at heart, so when I noticed crystal shops on every street corner in L.A., you can imagine I was a little more than skeptical! While the jury is still out on the healing benefits of crystals, it’s safe to say they do add an ethereal element to most spaces. Crystals from amethyst to quartz come in all shapes and sizes and can easily make a space go from boring to beautiful. They’re a new favorite accessory for Los Angeles interior designers and can be worked easily into any design scheme, from girly to glam.

i love you so matcha
It’s no secret Angelenos like to stay on top of their dietary game. Known for boosting energy and burning calories, matcha tea (pictured at top) has become the go-to drink for tea aficionados and health nuts alike. The espresso of tea, matcha originated in Japan and is a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. Don’t know where to get your matcha fix east of the Pacific? The Mud House on Cherokee Street boasts an intense, velvety flavored matcha that will quickly become your go-to tea. The Mud House matcha tea, $4.25

in the (infra)red
It seems as if everyone I talk to, from Beverly Hills to Santa Monica, is raving about the amazing benefits of their infrared facials. Unlike a traditional facial, these incorporate light and heat to reduce and prevent fine lines and lighten dark spots and acne scars. They require no downtime from work or your usual activities and are effective for most skin types. If you want to step up your facial game, try one at Nouveau MedSpa in Kirkwood. Its infrared facials, Forever Young and STSkin Tyte, will show you what Angelenos are raving about!

pretty delivery
We all know and love Birchbox, but what about a box for your favorite baubles? Cate & Chloe, a California-based jewelry line, is quickly becoming a favorite among SoCal jewelry lovers. Known for its on-trend pieces and affordable price points, it offers a monthly subscription box in addition to its jewelry line. Its 2017 Be Bold Collection features the Ila ‘Beautiful’ 3-in-1 earrings, which can be worn three ways: as simple studs, behind the earlobe or in front of the ear. Cate & Chloe Ila ‘Beautiful’ earrings,, $45

underneath it all
Los Angeles may be known for its year-round summer, but warm weather months are just around the corner for the Show-Me State, too. Get ready for spring with StyleSaint’s Bondage Bralette. The Los Angeles-based apparel line features beautiful lingerie that isn’t meant to be covered up. Worn underneath a low-cut top, the Bondage Bralette’s delicate details perfectly accentuate all the right curves. Check out the full collection of lingerie; it adds just the right amount of sex appeal. StyleSaint Bondage Bralette,, $54


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