Tweaks for the Teardown

Dear Homework,
We’ve loved our house for more than 40 years, but we’ve always thought we lived in a ‘teardown.’ We like the existing character of our street, so what can we do until they carry us out feet first? Is there hope for a fresher look?

—Tweaks for the Teardown

Dear Tweaks for the Teardown,
I think there’s a lot of hope for your home. It has a wide facade and is nicely framed (not overwhelmed) by mature planting, but there are some important upgrades we can make to the central part of the composition.

I think it’s obvious that there is far too much asphalt roofing on display in the center of the house. By substituting a gabled elevation with dark-stained clapboards and a window above the front porch, you achieve a more classic (less dated) and welcoming presentation. If we sprinkle a few dormers around the rest of the mansard roof, add wider shutters, flower boxes and a brick entry, the house starts taking on the appearance of a ’20s-era European country charmer.

The orange brick has received a tan wash, and the facias and gutters are now a charcoal brown. Only the white windows and doors stay the same. A new stepping stone walk to the street is edged with a low evergreen hedge. This walkway reinforces the location of the entryway, which is too discreet at the moment.

Without changing the location or size of any of the existing windows, we get a much more timeless looking house. Hopefully you also will think it looks fresher.

Thanks for the interesting assignment,

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