Wistfully Waiting in Webster

Dear Homework,
We moved into this fixer-upper a little over a year ago, and now it’s time to tackle the exterior and increase its cottagey charm. We would love to add shutters to some of the windows and maybe a window box. I also have always wanted a big magnolia if that will work in the plan. Thank you for your input.

—Wistfully Waiting in Webster

Dear Wistfully Waiting in Webster,
Let me first recommend relocating the Japanese maple that hides the facade’s most memorable feature—the matching round windows flanking the central window grouping. Once revealed, the bold and symmetrical facade can be appreciated. New forest green shutters and a long window box add supporting details and charm. A new curved stone planter under the central window completes the composition.

I would plant the magnolia tree on the far left side of the elevation so as to block only a tiny portion of the composition. I would also place a large shade tree toward the curb to frame the house and give the foreground some interest. A continuous line of evergreen shrubs hides the concrete foundation and gives a nice base for the composition to rest upon. Various red flowers add a jolt of color.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you plan your future projects.

Thanks for asking,

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