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00 Fordyce Lane

Mike and Margaret Ann Latta know their grandchildren are disappointed. The home on Fordyce Lane has been something of a resort for the children since 1997. With a saltwater pool, large, grassy field and a spacious lower level that served as their playroom, visiting their grandparents was always a highlight. “Between our children and grandchildren, there is someone here every weekend,” Margaret Ann says. “Leaving is bittersweet. We are definitely sad, but it’s time we downsize.”

The Lattas have created many memories over the past 19 years; a large family that includes 10 grandchildren has meant countless parties. “We have had birthday parties for 4- to 75-year-olds,” Margaret Ann says. “We have a huge field that backs up to woods, and we’ve had monsters and pirates come out of the woods for parties.”

ts-home-gman-11Football and baseball games typically fill the open field during daylight hours—even in the snow. The 1.8 acres also provided picturesque backdrops for two wedding receptions. One was formal with a white tent, the other was held under a circus tent with bright colors filling the yard. “We had candles floating in the pool and sitting on the rocks,” Margaret Ann says. “Both were just magical.”

Two years before the Lattas moved in, the previous owners had built an addition extending the total above-ground living space to nearly 7,000 square feet. “The architect did a good job with the addition because you can’t tell where it starts or ends, even though it doubled the size of the house,” Mike Latta says. “We knew when we walked in, it was a lot of house for two people. But we just fell in love with it. We were overwhelmed by the openness and the sunlight pouring in.”

The space worked out perfectly. The Lattas added the pool and gazebo outside. “We would eat dinner in the gazebo a lot and lunch on the weekends,” Margaret Ann says. “It’s built up almost on stilts, so it’s like you’re eating in a treehouse.” Mike’s favorite corner of the home is his study, since he worked from home. It has large windows that bring sunlight in each day. Margaret Ann loves the kitchen. “The breakfast area opens to the deck, and the kids were constantly going in and out of there,” she says. “That is where the family converges and where life is.”

listing price | $1,699,000
listing agent | Ann Wroth and Holly Bry of Gladys Manion Real Estate