1945 Bungalow

Dear Homework,

I would like to upgrade the façade of our bungalow that we just purchased in Richmond Heights, mainly the front porch. What do you think? Thanks,
—1945 Bungalow

Dear 1945 Bungalow,
I would start by removing three existing elements from your home. You probably anticipated that I would suggest eliminating the metal awning at the front door, but I also would like to pitch the TV antenna and all of the siding on the front-facing gable. Currently, the siding installation has deleted a fascia board and an attic vent, which robs the façade of a good deal of charm. A fascia board also will help border a new siding color I would like to suggest.

The new porch roof reiterates the shape of the gable on a smaller scale and is visually supported by two large, curved wood brackets. New, wider trim is used around the front door, and the house number and porch light have been relocated.

When you paint the new horizontal siding a warm tan, the two gables relate better with the mottled orange brick. The white fascia and brackets match the color of the windows and front door.

Most of the existing planting can be retained, but I’ve added a new, two-tiered hedge to hide the exposed concrete foundation. An upright evergreen at the porch adds a vertical accent.

Together, these changes yield a more charming, pulled-together look that doesn’t overwhelm the simple dignity of the existing façade.

Hope this is useful,


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