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Refresh & Redo: 4.24.19

what are some ways to get your yard in tip-top shape? Mulched flower beds are a good idea in spots where you need visual interest or where there is too much shade for grass to grow. You even can order the mulch in a shade to match your color scheme. Some people express concern about the dyes used, but they are safe for the environment. Since they may run or stain pavement temporarily, it’s best to add the mulch when you know there won’t be rain for a couple of days.

If you have a spot where there is constant water runoff, consider digging a shallow trench and adding a decorative creek bed lined with stones. This is a good way to turn a problem area into an attractive element. Now is the time to add hedges and shrubs. It usually is best to plant them in months that contain an ‘r;’ depending on the type, May through August may be too warm or dry. We often refer to the Missouri Botanical Garden’s website, mobot.org, for helpful information on what to plant locally and when.

Jeff Baker, owner
Mizzou Crew Landscaping

If you’ve never created a flower bed, don’t worry! They are easier to build than you might think. The key element is a strong stone border that keeps the bed tidy and provides visual definition.

1. Buy landscaping cloth to go beneath the bed. It lets moisture through, but not weeds. Trim the cloth to fit the space you need, allowing enough excess to extend into the trench for your stone border.
2. Measure and mark the area for the border.
3. Dig a 2- to 3-inch-deep trench along the marked area, depending on the type and size of stone you choose.
4. Place border stones in the trench, overlapping the edge of the landscaping cloth.
5. Fill in open spaces with dirt.

Source: housebeautiful.com