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Beauty and the Bump

As most first-time moms and moms-to-be know, pregnancy comes with a seemingly endless list of what you can and can’t do. Not only is it important to know what is safe to put in your body during pregnancy, but also what (or what not) to put on your body. Having gone down the research rabbit hole during my first four months of pregnancy, here are some of the pregnancy-safe beauty brands I’ve discovered, including a few of my tried and true favorites.

hormonal hair 
Fine, thin hair is a common symptom of pregnancy. Ouai’s Fine Hair Shampoo is perfect for those who are trying to increase volume while only using the safest and most effective ingredients like keratin, biotin and chia seed., $28

baby soft body wash
I haven’t been too keen on using a lot of fragrant skin care products, body lotion included. So when one of my favorite and currently pregnant beauty influencers recommended Necessaire’s fragrance-free body lotion to her followers, it was a no-brainer to add it to my mom-to-be beauty routine. This lotion is clean, vegan and contains niacinamide, which can help with any skin irritation you may be experiencing., $25

mommy mask
Too tired for a trip to the spa? Yeah, me too. Get a quick 10-minute, at-home mini facial with Caudalie’s Glycolic Peel Mask. This non-retinol mask is pregnancy and nursing safe and helps brighten and exfoliate dead skin. Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that’s great for fighting dull skin, but remember to stay away from its sister acid, beta hydroxy acid (BHA), which is a no-go during pregnancy., $39

clean beauty
You’ve got that glowing pregnancy skin, now add a pop of color with Ilia’s Tinted Lip Conditioner. This buildable lip color is super hydrating and soothing thanks to ingredients like vitamin E and sesame seed oil. The conditioner is gluten-free, Sephora clean and cruelty-free—all boxes you want checked when pregnant (or not!)., $28

pregnancy protection
Not only do you want to avoid sunburn and skin damage while pregnant (or ever), but melasma, also known as the mask of pregnancy, is another sun-induced skin condition you’ll want to avoid. Using a mineral sunscreen is great for those with more sensitive skin, and Elta MD UV Clear SPF 46 is a great one that’s pregnancy safe. While mineral sunscreens have a bad rap for being thick and chalky, this one is lightweight and oil-free, absorbing quickly and leaving skin free of residue. Bonus: It also contains niacinamide., $37 


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