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Celebrate Mom

If you still need ideas for Mother’s Day this weekend, we’ve got some creative ways to show your appreciation. Choose things that reflect what they love—area shops have you covered!

For the mom who …

… likes to stay fit
A practical fitness-inspired gift is a great way to help active moms achieve their goals. Consider gifting a gym membership, or look into classes you can take with her. If she’s not the gym-going type, help her build a home workout space with the appropriate gear, or set up a time to head outside and break a sweat together. 

Altra Women’s Duo Teal, $130 from Laurie’s Shoes,

… loves to cook
If your mom wasn’t already a whiz in the kitchen, quarantine might have brought out her inner culinary rockstar. There’s no shortage of gadgets and cookbooks to help her level up her skills. Want to make it more personal? Set aside time to try out new recipes and appliances together.

Staub 10” Fry Pan in Cherry, $196 from Sallie Home,

… has a green thumb
If you know a mom who prefers to be in the garden, give her something to plant with a seed bouquet. Arrange seed packets in a basket or vase with ribbon, or paint terra cotta pots. It’s a personal, one-of-a-kind gift that even the kiddos can help make.

Passiflora Trowel and Fork, $60 from the Missouri Botanical Garden,

… enjoys getting crafty
While a crafty mom is always ready to whip up the perfect gift for others, finding something for her can be challenging. Sign her up for a class so she can pick up a new skill or master an old one. From watercolor and portraiture to jewelry making and glass works, Craft Alliance offers a variety of courses that will let her get creative. For more information, visit

Desert Island Stitches Vol. 1: Ideas for Small Spaces by Carol Lake & Michael Boren, $25 from Sign of the Arrow,


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