Book News: 9.6.17

Looking to learn about St. Louis history? Check out these books by two local figures!

» Built in the 1950s, Pruitt-Igoe was a vast, 57-acre public housing project on the north side of St. Louis. Demolished only 20 years after it was built, the complex and its legacy were marked by failure. In Pruitt-Igoe, Bob Hansman creates a comprehensive account of its history, preserving stories that otherwise would be lost. Hansman is an artist, community activist and associate professor at Washington University’s Sam Fox School of Art and Design, where he leads the school’s undergraduate community involvement course.
At 7 p.m. Oct. 5, Hansman will discuss his book at the University City Public Library.

»Learn some St. Louis sports history in Bull in the Ring. Award-winning former sports writer Joe Castellano recounts his experience as captain of the St. Louis University High School football team in the late 1960s. Amid the often violent political and social turmoil of the era, Castellano and his teammates found refuge on the football field with a legendary coach. The book traces their improbable journey as underdogs to the 1970 Missouri State High School Championship.
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