Bridge with Bland

Bridge with Bland: 1.8.20

“Wow, this has been the most boring day. I’ve held no cards at all.” How many times have we heard that statement from partners, opponents or even ourselves? One of my favorite partners and mentors was Charlie Wiley. A St. Louis Hall of Fame bridge player, Charlie was wont to say, “A good player plays bad cards good.” Can you make these bad cards good in this month’s hand?

vul: None
dealer: South

the bidding
S: 1 ♥
N Pass
E: 2 ♦
S: Pass
W: 2 ♠
N: Pass
E:  4 ♠
S: Pass
W: Pass
N: Pass

Bidding Commentary: West doubled and bid his suit. East decided three trumps and four possible ♦ tricks were enough to bid game.

opening lead: ♥ 9
♠ J 7 4
♥ 9 2
♦ 9 7 3 2
♣ 9 7 4 2

♠ A K Q 9 2
♥ J 10 6
♦ Q 6
♣ A K 6

♠ 10 8 6
♥ 7 5 3
♦ A K J 10
♣ 8 5 3

♠ 5 3
♥ A K Q 8 4
♦ 8 54
♣ Q J 10

the play
1. North led the ♥ 9, 3 from East, South the Queen, and West (Declarer) the 6.
2. South led the ♥ Ace, North completing his high-low, confirming a doubleton.
3. South continued the ♥ King. North needed South to continue ♥s to promote his trump Jack.
4. North knew South would never lead a ♦, so he had to make sure his partner led the fourth ♥.
5. North discarded the ♣ deuce, discouraging South from leading that suit.
6. South got the message and continued ♥s, promoting North’s trump Jack for the setting trick.
Bad hand played good.

Note: Staying with the hand and thinking through the bidding and play make defense much easier.

tip of the day
My partner and I have been holding hands that are just too good to overcall. How can we describe our good hand when opponents open the bidding?
The accepted method is to double and then after your partner’s response, bid your suit. Hint: When you double and bid your suit, the more cards you have in your opponent’s suit, the more high-card points you should hold (reference the hand above).

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