Autumn is all about inviting relaxation, comfort and company back into your home following the hectic summer months— and there’s no better way to make your space feel warm and welcoming than with a set of perfectly paired accent chairs and side tables. As the holiday season quickly approaches, these pieces create a designated area for you and your guests to sit down, settle in and catch up.

It’s important for your home to express your unique personality and style and your conversation spaces are no exception. Selecting pieces that are cohesive and consistent with the rest of your home’s design helps impart a holistic and welcoming feeling while also showcasing your impeccable taste.

If you prefer something modern …
Modern interior design is all about clean lines, natural materials and minimalism—perfect for those who favor stylish simplicity in their homes. When creating a modern conversation space, look to armless accent chairs with sleek, plain legs and materials like leather and natural wood. Modern side tables generally adopt a similar look through simple curves, geometric shapes and materials, such as metal, marble and concrete.

If you prefer something transitional …
Transitional interior design falls somewhere in between modern and traditional and is great for using throughout your home if you want to explore furniture arrangements. When creating a transitional conversation space, focus on updating classic pieces with a modern balanced feel. Create contrast by pairing more modern textural fabrics like suede, chenille and bouclé with more traditional decorative wood accents.

If you prefer something traditional …
Traditional interior design centers around achieving a timeless classic look that appears both formal and homey—think upholstered furniture, symmetry and ornate decor. When creating a traditional conversation space, seek out larger accent chairs with carved or turned legs using high-end materials like leather, velvet and tufted upholstery. Traditional side tables often emulate the style’s classic look through dark wood tones, decorative carvings and
scroll-shaped legs with ball or claw feet.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Pieces
Each home has its own set of unique needs, which is why it’s so important to find the right furniture for your space. Perfectly placed and coordinated pieces make your space feel more inviting while ensuring your guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Placement: Whether in a welcoming entryway, a cozy reading nook or simply as extra gathering space for your guests, a chair and table pairing is a classic way to spice up any space. Whether you’re placing a side table with a single accent chair or a single side table between two accent chairs, placement is all about finding a balance between the visual weights of the pieces. Consider mixing a chunky accent chair with a thin-legged side table or an armless accent chair with a drum side table.

Materials: Different materials serve different purposes when used alongside other furniture pieces. A velvet or bouclé accent chair adds texture to your space, while a leather or wood chair can bring softness into a heavily-textured area. The same goes with side tables. A gold or bronze metal table can add a burst of warmth, while marble or wood can bring an organic feel to your space. Mixing contrasting materials is also a great way to up the visual interest in your home. For example, pair an upholstered accent chair with a metal side table to create a balanced modern space. Try mixing different wood tones, as long as they have the same undertone, to make your space interesting and cohesive.

Bonus Tip: Weight can also play a functional role. Lighter furniture opens up and expands smaller spaces, while heavier furniture adds stability and safety in homes with small children or pets. Also, make sure the depth of your side table is not deeper than that of your chair. The height of your table should be roughly in line with the arm of your chair, give or take an inch or two, so it’s comfortable to reach while you’re sitting and relaxing.


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