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Home design trends are always changing, so there’s no reason your domestic spaces should ever feel stale or mundane. Is it time for you to rethink your living space? We’ve got five trends to look out for in the rest of 2021.

  1. Paper Over It
    Wallpaper is back, and there’s something for everyone. If you’re inspired by the eclecticness of grandmillennial design, consider a traditional floral print, or if you’re looking for something more sleek and modern, try a geometric graphic. With this trend, you can go subtle and sophisticated or opt for something bold and dramatic. Looking for a low commitment option? Try peel-and-stick wallpaper for an easy way to upgrade a space.
  2. Wicker Man
    Woven furniture like wicker and rattan is gaining popularity. The trend is part of a larger movement to embrace natural materials. These pieces create an organic look and add both warmth and texture. As a bonus, this style works well both indoors and out.
  3. Go Green
    Speaking of a natural influence, green also is having a moment, especially in kitchen design. Since it is a mix of blue and yellow, it works with both cool and warm color palettes. The endless variety of shades out there means green can work with any design style. You can bring the outside in with forest greens and other hues that recall foliage and botanicals, opt for something more muted like a calming olive or add drama with a bold emerald.
  4. Break It Up
    With last year spent in close quarters with our families while working from home, we started to realize some limitations of open floor plans. Defined, functional spaces are on the rise, especially home offices. This trend doesn’t mean you have to start putting up walls or undergo major renovations. Just think through ways to zone your home into distinct work spaces. Room dividers are a great place to start.
  5. East Meets West
    Japanese and Scandinavian design aren’t new when it comes to interior decor, but a rising trend known as ‘Japandi’ is bringing together their complementary focus on simplicity and functionality. The style is all about minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing spaces that use natural materials, clean lines, bright spaces and light, neutral colors.


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