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Designer Spotlight: 7.28.21

Heidi Bartels of RSI Kitchen & Bath

What are you excited about in design right now?
I’m most excited about organic modernism. It combines classic mid-century style with natural and earthy elements. This style really brings the outside in, whether through colors like green and other earth tones or using natural materials. I think it makes a space feel fresh and invigorating.

How do you like to incorporate organic modernism?
As a finish, stained wood has the ability to transform the whole room. It brings warmth into your mind and soul. In a kitchen, I use it as an accent for a range hood, as floating shelves or even for an island. I also love to use indoor plants like ferns or herbs to add texture and depth to a space.

Do you have suggestions for experimenting with design?
I would change paint colors or add accessories like accent rugs and pillows. Changing a light fixture is another way to breathe new life into an entire room at a much more responsible price than changing the whole space.

Are there other styles that complement organic modernism?
Mid-century modern, minimalism and Scandanvian are all complementary styles. They use light, neutral colors that work well with wood accents, and their clean lines also pair well with organic modernism. With Scandanavian design in particular, you can add a lot of texture with area rugs and pillows, which brings another layer to the space that complements the natural materials. However, it’s also important that homeowners aren’t afraid to add their own personal style into a design, regardless of what’s trending.

Are there any trends that are on the way out?
With people wanting to bring more warmth and color into their home, I’m seeing that the popularity of all white spaces is fading. Grey is another color that is being used less frequently at the moment.


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