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Designer Spotlight: 2.24.21

Laura Terry of Signature Kitchen & Bath

What is a trend you are excited about?
Right now, we are seeing a lot of color; blue and green are especially popular. For years, everything has been white on white, and while that also is beautiful, it’s really exciting to see people switching things up.

What do you find appealing about bringing color into the kitchen or bath?
It’s fun to throw in splashes of color in these spaces. As a designer, I’m always embracing new opportunities and new ways to approach design. White is classic, but I find color a little more appealing, and it can personalize a space. I think people often are concerned about resale value and don’t design for how they want to use the space themselves. I’m glad to see that homeowners aren’t afraid to bring in their own personalities and try something different.

How do you like to apply color to a space?
Cabinet lines are coming out with a lot more colors, including some beautiful Kelly and hunter greens. The island is a great place to add a fun accent color, like a beautiful navy. People also are embracing color and interesting patterns in the backsplash. We’re seeing more hexagonal and elongated hexagonal tiles, and there also is the crayon shape, which looks a little like a picket fence. Pairing these trends brings a cool punch into the space.

Do you have suggestions for experimenting with color?
The easiest and most cost-effective way to embrace color is with a gallon of paint. People are looking for bolder colors like dark teal or rich blue, which can alter the entire space. New cabinets or a backsplash are a bigger commitment. If you just want to experiment, painting the walls can be an easy way to dramatically change a room. Peel and stick wallpaper also is a great option. It’s simple to install and comes off easily if you change your mind.

Are there alternative trends to the rise in color?
We are seeing lighter, more natural wood stains on cabinets. More than 75% of designs incorporate a painted finish, but now, more cabinets embrace the natural warmth of the wood without heavy red- or espresso-toned finishes. It creates a spa-like feel.

Are there any trends that are on their way out?
The interest in fixtures painted solid gray is fading, but I don’t think it will be completely eliminated. We’re still seeing the influence of gray’s popularity, just in different ways. Some lighter, natural stains have a muted gray undertone, and I think those will remain popular options