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Style Inside: Elegant & Contemporary

Situated on 35 private acres in Wentzville, this spacious home features a clean look that is contemporary yet classic. We spoke to the home’s designer, Lenore Pepper of Edwin Pepper Interiors, and the homeowner about what makes this such an appealing space.

T&S | What look were you going for in designing and decorating the home?
Lenore Pepper: It’s very eclectic. The homeowner calls it contemporary, but there’s a mixture of old and new, and her look is timeless. I started working with the homeowner about 10 years ago, when the home was designed and built.

T&S | The home recently received a new addition. Tell me about it. 
Homeowner: We completed the addition in the first half of 2015. It’s the room with a long table designed specifically for the addition by Lenore. We wanted to be able to enjoy meals with our direct family. My husband and I have four children and 12 grandchildren, and we needed space for everyone.
LP | While there was already a dining room in the home, neither the room nor the table was large enough for the entire family. We were successful in blending the old and new parts of the home—you’d never know they were built at different times. Russo Stone and Tile Design built the table, which has no leaves and can seat 24. I designed it to be 63 inches wide, so it wouldn’t be too large to converse easily with people sitting across from you.

T&S | That must have been quite the process getting the table into the house!
LP | Yes! It’s made from granite and actually had to be finished inside the home—it was too large to bring in all in one piece. It took two days and six men to get it done. And special supports were required in the addition to hold the table, because with the chairs it weighs 3,500 pounds!

T&S | And there’s a second, smaller table in the new dining room, too?
LP | Because the room is so large, we added that small table, which is also custom-made. I wanted it to be a romantic corner where the homeowners could sit together and look at the lake and beautiful grounds.

T&S | What’s your favorite feature?
H | I love everything about my house, so it’s impossible to choose one favorite. But one highlight is definitely the outside veranda, which we sit underneath all the time. I also love the new addition with its large table.
LP | Every room has its own charm. I try to make a home reflect the people who live there. I want them to be reminded of happy memories and things they’ve done, such as their travels. These homeowners have so many interesting things, it was easy to design a space that really reflects who they are.

T&S | Lenore, are there other features of the home that are particularly unique?
LP | I designed the contemporary fireplace that has sort of a moon shape to it—it’s made out of granite. I also designed the black-and-white stained glass feature. I wanted to add a little color into the room, because everything else is monochromatic. Also, the homeowners wanted to retain privacy without using a drape, and that stained glass was my solution.

T&S | The backyard pool is gorgeous.
H | We love it! Our grandchildren live all around us, and they’re here all the time. We love spending time together under the pergola by the pool.

Photos: Suzy Gorman


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