“Fashions fade. Style is eternal.” Those iconic words from the late, great designer Yves Saint Laurent continue to ring true. Clothing is one of the ultimate forms of personal expression. Jaxen Grey is here to help St. Louisans find their own personal flair through a curated selection of menswear. The store in Plaza Frontenac offers a unique space for brands, customers and stylists to come together for a bespoke shopping experience.

Jaxen Grey first opened its doors in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota in 2019. Founder Michael Druskin was inspired by the innovative clothing lines he saw on Instagram. He realized there was exciting potential in connecting these brands to more consumers through a unique shopping experience. “We started with direct to consumer brands—things you could only get on the internet,” explains Adam Bevis, one of the store’s owners. “We offered items that you could not find in a typical retail store.”

The store now offers more than 100 brands from all over the world. These include well known options like Carhart and Mack Weldon as well as more exclusive offerings, such as Mizzen + Main, 7 Diamonds, Les Deux, Cuts and Public Rec. It even carries The Normal Brand, a popular St. Louis-based clothing line. “Jaxen Grey’s selection is unparalleled,” Bevis says. “We have brands you can’t find anywhere else in the U.S. or in any other brick-and-mortar store period.”

With the wide selection of brands on offer, Jaxen Grey has something for everyone, no matter their personal style. “We have families where the son, dad and grandfather can all shop with us, which is really unique,” Bevis says. “The store is like a more curated department store. We have a little bit of everything, so there are very few people who come in and can’t find something they like.” The selection includes everything from athleisure items to more tailored clothing like upscale suits. Along with basics for every man’s closet, there are more fashionable options for those who want to stand out.

Even beyond its one-of-a-kind selection, what sets Jaxen Grey apart from other retailers is the experience it offers. The store provides full styling services to ensure the shopping experience is both accessible and enjoyable for everyone who visits. “For a lot of guys, shopping is just something they don’t like to do, so we create a very low pressure and fun atmosphere,” Bevis notes. “That’s what keeps people coming back. Our stylists are very knowledgeable and work hard to ensure that you leave with something you’re going to love.”

Jaxen Grey will be offering a special Father’s Day celebration on June 6 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Bevis notes that Plaza Frontenac has been a natural fit for the brand. “It is a beautiful mall, and the experience of working with the people there has been wonderful,” he says. “St. Louis in general has been very welcoming, and we’re excited about the response we’ve gotten from the community. We’re looking forward to being able to bring the Jaxen Grey experience to even more St. Louisans.”

Now open in Plaza Frontenac, Jaxen Grey offers a unique menswear shopping experience, connecting customers with stylists and a curated selection of brands. Pictured on the cover: Store manager Sean Kraham. For more information, call 314.936.5899 or visit jaxengrey.com.

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover photo by Tim Parker Photography

Pictured at top: Jaxen Grey at Plaza Frontenac
Photo: Tim Parker Photography