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Shine Bright: The Diamond Bar

The holiday season is a time when the world shines bright, and that sparkle shouldn’t be limited to just decking the halls or trimming the tree. Whether it’s the perfect gift or a custom engagement or wedding ring, The Diamond Bar in Town and Country has jewelry for every occasion. Owner Chris Phillips is dedicated to providing a shopping experience unlike any other.

Phillips studied at a jewelry school in Illinois and handcrafted many of the tools he still uses today. To date, he has created more than 3,500 custom pieces. He enjoys providing clients with one-of-a-kind items of the highest standard. “I always go for brightness and quality over anything else,” he explains. “I would personally rather make less money by using the best materials to deliver an amazing piece than create something that is less than a client originally envisioned.” Thanks to that customer-first approach, he notes creating a custom piece isn’t as expensive as people may imagine.

When designing jewelry at The Diamond Bar, people can bring in their own gemstones or choose from the store’s selection of natural diamonds and other stones. When selecting a stone, the store usually provides three to five options that meet the client’s criteria and budget. Phillips notes that with that level of control, it is easier to create something that fits within a certain price range than picking a showroom piece that has already been marked up. “For a big occasion like an engagement or anniversary, you don’t want to be limited to just selecting something out of a case,” he says. “If you’re looking for something special, it never hurts to reach out to someone who has built their career on designing and creating custom pieces.”

After the stone is selected, Phillips listens to the client’s needs to create sketches. Those sketches are then used to develop 3D model in a computer program that creates a wax mold, which is then cast in the metal of the customer’s choosing. Alterations to the design can be made at every step in the process until the piece is cast, so the final product is exactly as desired. When the piece is ready, it is polished and set by Phillips in the shop. “Every step is shown and explained to clients,” he says. “Depending on how complicated the piece is, the process takes anywhere from two to five weeks from start to finish.”

Along with its custom services, The Diamond Bar has a selection of more than 850 unique pieces in store, making it the perfect stop for holiday shopping. As they browse, guests also can enjoy the complimentary fully stocked bar, part of Phillips’ unique approach to reimagining the jewelry purchasing process. His goal is to make it less stressful and more enjoyable. “At The Diamond Bar, we love what we do, and people enjoy working with people who are excited to help them,” Phillips says. “Our customers come first, and we want to ensure everyone has an amazing experience.

Located in Town and Country at 13360 Clayton Road, The Diamond Bar offers a one-of-a kind shopping experience, including custom jewelry design. Pictured on the cover: Owner Chris Phillips. For more information, call 314.548.5100 or visit

Cover design by Cydney Moore
Photos by Bill Barrett


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