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First Impressions: How to Style an Entryway

A foyer or entryway is the first space a guest sees when they come into your home. Make that first impression amazing with a well-styled entryway table. Our design experts share their secrets for taking your entryway from ‘welcoming’  to ‘wow!’

Step 1: Foyer Table or Console Table?
The first decision you have to make is whether you want a table in the center of your entryway or a console table against the wall. This decision likely will be decided for you based on the amount of space you have. A wide open foyer is the perfect place for a square or round table while a more narrow space is the perfect spot for a console table.

Once you have your table, it’s time to style. This table will set the tone for the rest of your home, so be mindful of the look you are going for. Whether it’s coastal, French country or mid-century modern, we are here to help you step up your styling game.

Step 2: Start in the Middle 
Figure out what you want for the centerpiece. Centerpieces can include vases, large art, plants or more. If you are using an entryway console table, try large artwork. Large-scale artwork will draw the eye instantly. Pair it with a lamp and vase that nearly matches the artwork in height so the art doesn’t dwarf everything else on the table.

If you are working with a table in the center of the foyer, keep in mind that it will be viewed from all angles, not just the front. Styling in 360 degrees can be a challenge, but with the right tools, like coffee table books, beads and bowls, it’ll be a breeze.

Step 3: Play with Height 
Height is the most important thing to keep in mind when styling your entryway table, so be sure to layer your table with short, tall and in-between pieces to create a curated look. A vase of fresh flowers will always look good next to a coffee table book full of bright images that you can change daily.

Don’t forget to play with texture, too. If your table is rustic, pair it with a simple glass vase and greenery to balance the rough texture of the table with soft, clean edges. Alternatively, if you have a marble table, try vintage pottery pieces. They are full of textural goodness and will look amazing with freshly cut branches from your favorite tree.

Step 4: Make the Most of Every Angle
Don’t limit your decor to the tabletop! Play with the space underneath by adding a bench or a pair of poufs or baskets. If it takes you half an hour to say goodbye to guests (is that just us Midwesterners?), include some poufs or stools so you can sit while you chat.

Do you always just toss your things on your entryway table? Stash items with cleverly placed baskets. Better yet, go for an entryway table with storage. That way, your foyer will always look good, and you won’t have to spend another moment thinking about where you left your keys.

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