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Food for Your Face

Give thanks this season not just for what you put in your body, but what you put on it! Plant- and food-based ingredients are popping up everywhere on skin care labels. A recent ad campaign from Sephora features models playfully holding vegetables to signify the importance of a well-balanced beauty ‘diet.’ This season, let your favorite veggies and herbs work their magic on more than your Thanksgiving dinner.

kale me more
Kale is the ingredient du jour in salads, smoothies and everything in between. But what about skin care? Youth to the People is known for incorporating kale into its products, and the benefits are just as good for your skin as they are for your stomach. The brand’s Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Age Prevention Cleanser features kale, green tea and spinach vitamins. The antioxidant-rich ingredients give you a youthful glow and protect skin from free radicals and environmental stresses we all can do without.

egg-cellent ingredients
It’s OK to have egg on your face with the Too Cool for School My Skin-licious Secret Pantry mask line. Exclusive to Sephora this holiday season, the line of face masks includes Egg Cream Mask Hydration, Egg Cream Mask Firming, Egg Cream Mask Pore Tightening and Coconut Ceramide Mask. The set works its magic thanks to ingredients like egg, vinegar, coconut water and lauric acid. Perfect stocking stuffers, or buy a set for yourself!
$24/set, Sephora

give me some sugar
Fresh gets right to the point with its flagship product, Sugar Lip Treatment. A lip treatment that uses— you guessed it—sugar to nourish lips to pucker perfection, it protects and soothes with lasting benefits. Did you know that sugar is a natural humectant known to prevent moisture loss? Combine that with a blend of nourishing oils like black currant seed oil and grapeseed oil, and you’re guaranteed to have noticeably softer lips all winter long!
$24, Sephora

Protecting your skin from drying and cracking is absolutely necessary when it’s cold outside. Lano Lips Golden Dry Skin Salve will save even the driest of skin. Just rub a dime-size amount of the all-natural salve between your palms until it thins out. Apply to your cracked corners and crevices and watch as your skin absorbs the Manuka honey, vitamin E and other hydrating ingredients that keep skin ultra-soft.

beauty and the greek
It should come as no surprise that Greek skin care company Korres features a product or two with staple Greek ingredients like yogurt and castanea (chestnut). Its Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Night Cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and restores skin firmness and elasticity in a matter of weeks. Castanea contains powerful antioxidants and antiinflammatory and skin-regenerative properties—and Korres proudly notes it’s the only company to use chestnut in its skin care products.