One of my favorite dinner hacks is a grazing board. What is a “grazing board,” and how is it different from a cheese board? The answer is simple: Unlike a cheese board, which focuses on cheese, a grazing board includes meat, dip and snack options. It’s equally ideal for an easy dinner or a small holiday get-together.

Although grazing boards can be tweaked for any time of year, I am going to show you how to rock a seasonal one for autumn!

the essential elements to a fall grazing board include:

1. Theme
Pick a theme for your grazing board. This is a Thanksgiving board, so I made sure to add seasonal fruits and veggies. Use your theme to help you pick the items on your board.

2. An appetizer dip
(Pictured: HGHF dill pickle dip )
This is a great opportunity to cater to any food allergies your guests may have. For example, if you have guests whoare dairy free, add a dairy-free dip.

3. 2-3 cheeses
(Pictured: smoked gouda and cheddar chive)
Always pick one cheese that you are positive will be liked by everyone, like a mild cheddar. Then have fun with the two other cheeses. A spicy gouda or smoked garlic herb are two of my favorites.

4. 2-3 varieties of crackers
(Pictured: sourdough flatbread crackers and bruschetta crackers)
Amazing cheeses deserve to be enjoyed with amazing crackers. Golden round crackers are always a hit, as are sourdough flatbread crackers.

5. Seasonal fruits and vegetables
Using fruits and vegetables as vehicles to get the dip in your mouth is the way to go! Fall favorites include broccoli, apples, pears, endive and carrots.

6. A finger food option
One of my favorite finger foods for grazing boards is goat cheese spread on bruschetta crackers topped with pomegranate seeds.

7. At least 2 meat options
Summer sausage, prosciutto or salami are typical meat options on cheese plates. To keep things seasonal, however, I like to use ham.

8. Condiments
When you have tangy cheese on the board, fruit jams and honeys are the way to go. On this board, I included honey to be drizzled over the pomegranate goat cheese bites.

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