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Giving Back: Grand Center Arts District

Grand Center Inc. is the developer, facilitator and connector of the Grand Center Arts District, St. Louis’ landmark destination for arts and culture in midtown. With more than 60 arts and cultural organizations, 16 theaters, 17 museums and galleries, 10 music venues, and 22 bars or restaurants, the district offers more to see, hear, taste and experience. Engaging media, inviting parks and welcoming hotels surround the area for visitors of all ages.

Since their beginnings in 1980, Grand Center Inc. has worked to establish and grow the district as St. Louis’ epicenter for the arts. It works to connect the district’s great organizations with one another in a beautiful urban setting that invites people to come and discover new cultural experiences. Grand Center Inc. leads physical investment projects to enhance the area’s ongoing development and bring it all closer to residents and visitors alike through marketing, place-making and programming that create new opportunities to connect people with art—and with each other.

Grand Center Inc. works every day to make Grand Center Arts District a vibrant, inspiring destination where a diverse array of arts, music, education and media can flourish together, and where world-class arts institutions are joined by a growing range of emerging, homegrown talent and opportunity. Its leadership is needed to ensure the district’s forward momentum and to promote the special connections that happen when so many extraordinary assets come together in one place.

A great arts district brings people together and enriches lives. By ensuring that Grand Center Arts District continues to grow and thrive, Grand Center Inc. helps to entertain and empower people through the arts. It provides a platform for positive change in St. Louis, as well as a source of civic pride for our regional community.

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