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Happy Home

Carol Max, a resident at The Gatesworth, says there is never a day when she fails to appreciate being able to do what makes her happy. In fact, there are so many activities available at the senior community that she says it’s sometimes difficult to choose. “I often go out, but you don’t have to leave home to stay busy each day,” she explains. “Almost anything residents enjoy is offered right here.”

Max, who owns a marketing company, has lived at the residence for five years and says the saltwater pool and fitness center were the main amenities that caught her attention. “There are knowledgeable instructors and exercise classes of all kinds, including stretching, balance, yoga and tai chi,” she says. “It’s easy to find sessions at convenient times. I like to exercise early in the morning, and I take classes in the pool a couple of times a week.” She also enjoys visiting the full-service beauty salon and indulging in a massage or facial at the onsite spa.

She says at The Gatesworth, residents can be as busy and social as they choose. There are opportunities to mingle with friends, but privacy and quiet are easy to find as well. And residents who work, as she does, are encouraged and supported. “There’s no such thing as a typical day for me because I have so many ways to stay occupied,” Max explains. “I usually have breakfast with neighbors and then exercise, but the rest of the day might consist of appointments, business meetings, lunch with friends, outings, happy hour, dinner—whatever I feel like doing. I travel often as well.”

Nutritious meals at the property’s three lovely dining rooms round out Max’s healthy, active lifestyle. “The menu changes with the seasons,” she says. “Chef Brian Hardy and his staff prepare all kinds of delicious dishes for us, and people with special dietary requirements can order whatever they need. The atmosphere and camaraderie are always wonderful.”

Onsite activities, classes and entertainment abound, and residents can enjoy off-campus outings like shopping trips and symphony, theater and opera performances. “My calendar is always full,” Max says. “There usually is live music on Fridays and Saturdays, and you can take in a movie or a speaker presentation in the theater.”

Another of her favorite features is the property’s beautiful outdoor environment. “Walking around the grounds is so pleasant,” she says. “We have an attractive courtyard and ponds with ducks, and residents can have their own gardens. When I moved in, I brought some surprise lily bulbs given to me by my father years ago, and I was able to plant them near the swimming pool. It’s wonderful to see them come back each year because of the memories they hold. At The Gatesworth, you’re encouraged to do what brings you joy. I love the motto here: ‘The answer is yes. What is the question?’”

What ties the entire experience together is the community’s pleasant, helpful employees, according to Max. “They are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to take care of every need,” she says. “A professional nursing staff is available 24 hours a day, and doctors can come on site for medical appointments. You feel secure and well cared for here.” Max says she is such an enthusiastic ambassador for the community because it always serves her well. “I researched other residences, but The Gatesworth offered every option I could want at this time in my life,” she explains. “It’s so beautiful and welcoming here. Your heart skips a beat the first time you approach the entrance and get a glimpse of what lies beyond.”

The Gatesworth at One MCKnight Place offers senior living with a wide variety of amenities and services. Pictured on the cover: resident carol max. For more information or to schedule a visit, call 314.372.2265 or visit

Cover courtesy of The Gatesworth

Pictured at top: Gatesworth resident Carol Max on a trip to Iceland