Heard in the Halls

Heard in the Halls: 10.23.19

kirkwood high school 
The Kirkwood School District recently hosted its fourth annual flag football game, Unified Night Lights, in which students with and without disabilities play together at the high school stadium. The purpose of the event is to break down barriers and provide an opportunity for kids to develop new friendships. The game was held on World Food Day, so attendees brought items for the KirkCare food pantry.

visitation academy
The high school teamed up with Wings of Hope, a nonprofit providing no-cost medical flights for patients and supplies, to create hands-on STEM activities for kids in treatment. At the organization’s outreach event at the St. Louis Air Show, students handed out STEM-in-a-Bag giveaways including a kit to make and launch mini rockets.

A team of science students was selected to participate in the Lexus Eco Challenge, a competition featuring solutions to environmental issues. As part of the program, Visitation’s All Cars Deserve Charge Team launched a project to bring an electric vehicle charger to the school. The team is raising money for the charger, which would cost about $2,400 to operate per year. In the spring, the Eco Challenge program will award four $15,000 first-place prizes and one  $30,000 grand prize to winning high schools.

Fifth-grader Selby Caldwell with one of her creations.

hudson elementary
Fifth-grade students have been learning how to create digital images of themselves using technology in the school’s library. They printed the portraits as stickers and put them on drawstring bags and other items for use at school and home.

Photo: Karen Smith Photography

parkway school district
Students and faculty at Barretts Elementary School got an unexpected treat when the Stanley Cup arrived for a special day of celebration. Eric Renaghan, father of a Barretts student, is the St. Louis Blues’ strength and conditioning coach, and he helped set up the surprise visit. The day featured an assembly, photos and a parade at the school.

Blues superfan Laila Anderson, a Parkway South Middle School student, joined players at a special White House event celebrating their victory. President Trump invited Laila on stage during a speech in the Rose Garden. The youngster provided inspiration for millions of fans who learned of her battle with a rare autoimmune condition during the Stanley Cup playoffs