Hoping For A Home: 9.20.17

name | abby
breed & age | St. Bernard, 1 to 2 years
likes/dislikes | Loves running, playing with other dogs and snuggling on the couch
to adopt | Found a Hound Rescue, foundahoundrescue.com

name | loki
breed & age | Domestic longhair, 2 years
likes/dislikes | Loves to snuggle, sit in laps and be brushed
to adopt | Animal House Cat Rescue and Adoption Center, 314.531.4626, animalhouse@stlcats.org

name |chloe girl
breed & age | Terrier mix, 3 years
likes/dislikes | Loves being happy and playful (even with a leg injury!)
to adopt | Stray Rescue of St. Louis, strayrescue.org/chloe-girl

name |whiskey
breed & age | Airedale terrier & German shepherd mix, 2 years
likes/dislikes | Loves car rides, long walks (hopefully you can keep up with 96 pounds of energy!), toys, other dogs and people; doesn’t like cats all the time
to adopt | Coalition for Animal Rescue and Education (C.A.R.E.), call Karen at 636.208.6267

name |candy
breed & age | Calico, 3 years
likes/dislikes | Loves meeting new people, showing off and being spunky
to adopt | Five Acres Animal Shelter, fiveacresanimalshelter.org

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