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Keeping Up with Karen: 3.25.20

To our loyal readers,

It is certain you have already received countless notifications and emails from various companies about COVID-19, but we feel it’s time for us at Town&Style, your trusted publication for all things local, to reach out, share our thoughts and ask for your help.

It is an uncertain time for all of us, which strangely brings us together even though we are instructed to keep our distance. T&S, of course, is also thinking about the local impact of COVID-19: How will it and its resulting restrictions affect our community, economy, small businesses, restaurants, nonprofits, health care workers and families? We have a close relationship with all of these, so it’s with a truly open heart that we want you to know we are here to offer support. We will continue to provide you with helpful information, try to answer questions or connect you with those who might have better answers.

The most uplifting thing we have seen is how our community is coming together and wanting to help. We have an idea for this and would like to enlist you. We will be launching a series of social media posts across our multiple platforms to share community news and tips to help cope with day-to-day life. We hope you will be our ‘voices’ and partners in delivering these messages. We are asking each of you, from our readers to advertisers and civic leaders, to share information on what our community might need to know or how people can help by emailing

We encourage you to also share creative ways you are social distancing, entertaining yourselves and helping others during this challenging time. We are prioritizing messages and coordinating social content to have the most wide-reaching impact, but please continue sharing! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up-to-date with things in real-time. Pass this message along to friends, coworkers and family. We are here to help and as journalists, it is our mission, duty and privilege to get the word out.

Know that our goal every issue is to tell the local stories, and most importantly, to CONNECT and STAY CONNECTED, especially now when we cannot come together.