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Keeping Up with Karen: 4.29.20

Hello friends,
I can’t tell you how good it feels to sit down and write to all of you. While the last 30 (seems like 300) days have been an unprecedented time in our lives, they have caused me to literally evaluate every aspect of my life and embrace every emotion in the process. When was the last time we really stopped to enjoy a long walk outside and notice everything around us, have extended phone conversations vs. text strings, or read a book or watch TV without guilt? When have you ever been so thankful for paper towels, toilet paper and trips to do any routine errands? The list could go on and on.

While I don’t get it right every day, I truly am trying to use this time to reset and control the things I can (which are few right now) and rely on my faith to carry the rest of the burden. Like so many around the world, I am not able to be with my mom who is in extended care with dementia. I am grieving in real time and holding tight to the memories of happier days with her. What I do know going forward is that I won’t put off coffees, dinners or invitations in the future because I am too busy or think there is always tomorrow.

I am thankful on so many levels that I have had this chance to stop, be quiet and reconnect with so many amazing people who make up my tribe. I am so very lucky to be surrounded by the love of family and friends that never wavers. We are pushing, pulling and holding each other up on those days when it just seems to be too much. It also has been so freeing to openly communicate without makeup, pretty hair or clean teeth in our makeshift home studios. Reminder: You are amazing and beautiful! Continue to embrace the natural and authentic you.

My wish for all of you is that you and yours stay healthy and find joy in the chaos. A friend shared this Winston Churchill quote a few days into our stay-at-home orders, and I posted it in my home office (aka on my kitchen cabinet): “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Here’s to brighter days ahead, and until the next issue, please keep sharing the good with us at because together we are stronger.

Stay well.