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Keeping Up with Karen

Welcome to summer 2020 (official start, June 20)! If yours is like mine so far, it’s been filled with new challenges, new blessings and still more questions than answers about our ‘new norm,’ a phrase I am already tired of hearing. But as much as we want to be given a clear road map and reassurance that our lives will settle back safely, we still have work to do.

What I do know is that we will be OK because of the ones who have gone before us, like my dear neighbor Marvin Kosky, who recently passed just 30 days before his 100th birthday. During World War II, he served as a captain in the 95th Division of Gen. George Patton’s Third Army. In addition to being a decorated veteran, he was an amazing human. You can read more about him in Talk of the Towns (pg. 8).

He believed in working hard, loved a good competition and understood that life isn’t always fair, but kindness always wins. He was humble until his last breath and never lost hope that our post-COVID world would be a better place. It was a privilege and honor to call him my friend.

My nephews affectionately refer to me as Aunt Kiki and my car as the ‘Vertible, and nothing makes me happier than being with those I love, out for a ride with the top down! One of the many adventures I had with Marvin was a ride with my best friend Penny on our way to dinner at Café Napoli last summer. A more recent adventure with my nephews was a sno-cone stop with their favorite song playing.

These images make me smile and are my reminder that I need to be present in the moments given to me. Human connection will help us heal in the weeks and months ahead. Stay well, be safe, and continue to shine brightly!

Karen Kelly