Let’s Lay on the Charm!

Dear Homework,
We recently purchased this Cape Cod charmer in Affton. The house hasa lot going for it, including handsome brickwork and a new, slate-blend roof. We would like to enhance its good bones and upgrade the appearance by removing the white gas lamp, improving the landscaping, replacing the windows and adding to the overall detailing. What would you suggest?

Thanks for your input,
—Let’s Lay on the Charm

Dear Let’s Lay on the Charm!,
Your new home has great potential. I would start with painting the new windows and trim a slightly lighter green than the existing color. Since the facade is usually in the shade, a lighter color will stand out more from the curb. Next, I would add shutters to the dormers and paint them and the existing ones a light blue to blend with the shingles. Finally, I would stain the front door and garage door a medium wood color to complement the warm brick tone.

Also notice some enhanced architectural details. A new bracketed porch overhang, dormer flower boxes and larger carriage lamps provide a layer of finishing touches to complete the facade. I would augment the existing yew hedges with a composition of evergreen shrubs and grasses to better frame the house. New porch urns and a driveway hedge add final touches. I think that’s all of the additional charm you’ll need to make your home shine.

Thanks for asking,

Homework is penned by Paul Doerner, founding partner of The Lawrence Group. If you would like your home critiqued, contact us at homework@townandstyle.com