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Making the Switch: Vegan & Nontoxic Skin Care Products

Switching to a nontoxic, vegan skin care routine can seem a bit overwhelming, if not a costly feat as well. I’ve taken up the challenge of replacing each of my most-used products one bottle at a time, and the results are nothing short of glowing. Whether you wait to replace your moisturizer with a vegan alternative when it’s done, or donate your entire medicine cabinet all at once for a complete overhaul, here are a few standouts to clean up your routine.


crystal clear
Sometimes it’s not about what’s in the product but what’s not. Crystal’s Mineral Enriched Deodorant in Freshly Minted provides odor protection for up to 24 hours without the use of aluminum chloride, chlorohydrate or zironium. It only includes essential oils that will keep you smelling fresh and feeling dry. Best of all, this solid deodorant won’t stain your clothes or leave any sticky residue like many mainstream brands.
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transformative toothpaste
It may not be the first product that comes to mind when thinking about self-care, but it’s one of the most important. Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste comes in a 3-ounce glass jar (bye, bye tube!) and is free of fluoride, carrageenan, triclosan, artificial sweeteners and SLS. Made with mineral clay, sea salt and pure plant essences, it promotes remineralization of tooth enamel, strengthens teeth, and maintains a natural pH balance.
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pretty polish
One of the most toxic beauty products is nail polish. But companies like Pacifica are changing the way we paint our nails. Its vegan 7 Free line is free of the seven most common chemicals found in nail polish. Long-lasting and vibrant, it offers more than 50 shades to keep your nails looking their best without sacrificing their strength.
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flower power
Tata Harper’s eponymous line of 100-percent all-natural, nontoxic, vegan products has paved the way for a whole new sector of skin care: all-natural luxury. One of the first skin care lines of its kind to find a home in retailers like Neiman Marcus, Tata’s products like the Hydrating Floral Mask include effective yet delicate ingredients that guarantee radiant results. The mask offers relief for dehydrated skin while also soothing redness and evening skin tone.
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star moisturizer
A good moisturizer can be hard to find. But a nontoxic, vegan moisturizer can seem almost impossible to track down. Ursa Major’s Fortifying Face Balm is a gel-like daily facial moisturizer that checks all of the wellness boxes. Calming and lightweight, it is perfect for every skin type. Ingredients like lavender, lime and spearmint leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed, while the absence of petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones and PEGs leaves you with peace of mind.
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