“I could never see myself at a desk all day,” says Mary Rosenblum of Dielman Sotheby’s International Realty. “Real estate suits me—I’m always on the run!” This hometown girl was born in Frontenac and met Rob, her husband of nearly 30 years, at Ladue High School. After majoring in advertising at University of Texas at Austin, she sold ads at St. Louis Business Journal until children Molly, Jeff and Adam came along, then transitioned into real estate when her youngest was in nursery school. That was 21 years ago. Now the kids have left the nest, and she and Rob live in Creve Coeur with yellow labs Milo and Griffin.

[talent scout]
I went into real estate because of Andy Dielmann. After he listed our condo, he called me every couple of months for eight years, trying to get me to work for him.

[first sale]
It was a ranch in Chesterfield, a really smooth transaction.

[biggest sale ever]
Last year, I sold a beautiful country French home in Ladue for more than $3 million

[hands on]
I handle every aspect of the business myself, usually in person. I also study my market area each day, checking new listings and sales in the central corridor, especially Ladue, Town & Country and Chesterfield.

[happy days are here again]
I was in the market when the bubble burst, and it was one of the worst years in my entire career. But I plugged along and came back strong the very next I had my best year ever. This year already s a shortage of homes to sell. So if you want to sell, now is the time!

[pedal, feet, metal]
When a home gets an offer on the first day, people think the agent’s job is easy. But the real work is just beginning as the agent guides negotiations and manages
the emotions of buyers and sellers in what often is the biggest financial transaction of their lives.

[expert advice]
If your house has been on s either because of location, price or condition. You t change the location, but you can always change the price or condition.

There are very few people I cannot get along with. Sometimes difficult clients just need a little extra hand-holding.

[stress buster]
I try to take a Spinning or Zumba class four or five times a week.

[if only]
I’d love to be able to play guitar. I took lessons for eight years, but I’m still terrible.

[dream job]
I enjoy cooking and baking. If I weren’t in real estate, I’d probably open a bakery with my mom and three sisters.”

Photo by Bill Barrett